10 Ways to Whiten the Eye Area

Hi my beautiful ladies,

How have you all been doing? I have had an extremely hectic month with exams, internships and weddings, and the lack of sleep is clearly showing in the form of dark circles under my eyes. Not just physical exhaustion and lack of sleep, dark circles can occur for various other reasons and take the attention away from the beautiful features of your face. Also, some people face pigmentation on the lids or around the eyes. Today ,we shall tackle all those problems and come up with 10 ways to whiten area.

10 Ways to Whiten the Eye Area

Change the way you sleep

Sleeping at home

We all know that that dark circles, dark eye area and puffiness are all related to sleep so before we jump into home remedies, it is extremely important to correct the quantity and quality of your sleep. Always aim for a minimum of 8 hours of sleep for which not only will your dark circles but also your overall beauty and health will thank you.

Sleep on your back, elevating your head with one or more pillows. Gravity lets fluid build-up drain away. Remove your makeup before you sleep to prevent build-up and use a moisturising under eye cream and put on a sleep mask if necessary. Follow this religiously and see the dark areas whiten up in no time.

Go for internal whitening

A wise man said, “you are what you eat” and therefore to whiten the dark areas you need to correct your internal system first. Just like you look for vitamin C in your creams as a bleaching agent. Similarly, vitamin c is vitally important internally….

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