14 Fall Trends to Try—Straight From Fashion Week

You don’t have to be an It girl to know that Fashion Week is upon us.

Again, even if you’re not following the runway shows, you can still benefit from the trends we saw out and about this past month. One of the biggest misconceptions is that everything you see on the runways is unwearable in real life. Yes, some trends might be hard to pull off, but if you’re open to trying out a few of them, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your newfound style status.

We promise, these 14 fashion week-inspired pieces from Target’s new brand Prologue will find you having the sudden fall fashion moment you never knew you needed.

Branded: Target Fall Trends

Jeans are great and will forever be a favorite, but it’s always nice to switch it up once in a while. For an equally classic vibe, but with a twist, try a pinstripe pant. P.S. They’re still considered a neutral, so wear them with anything.

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