20 Luxury Beauty Products Worth the Splurge

2018 Edition

Splurge-Worthy Beauty Products

One of the questions I get asked often across products is whether something is “worth it” or not, and long-time readers will know that I’ll very likely answer that question with several follow-up questions… because “worth it” is subjective–someone who might spend $300 a year on beauty compared to someone who might spend $3,000 a year on beauty may have very different answers on whether something is worth it or not.

It’s also about what aspects of a product you prioritize, how it complements other products you own, as well as whether it’s the type of product you’d get a good amount of use out of. These are all very personal questions, so the reality is something that is “worth it” to me might not mean it is “worth it” to you!

That being said, “worth it” to me means that, despite owning a library’s worth of makeup products, these are products that impressed me, still impress me, and that I’d definitely have ruminating in my brain as products to revisit (you know, if I had a spare moment and was industrious enough to pull them out of the archives). Here are some of my very favorite, indulgent products that I felt were worth the splurge…

You’ll find a lot of products I’ve mentioned as favorites before, like Pat McGrath’s Decadence Palette (limited edition but still available; one of my all-time favorite palettes released, period), Tom Ford Beauty Nude Dip/Platinum (two shades I’ve…

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