Asparagus: Why You Need to Be Eating This Veggie

We like veggies of all kinds, but a few truly inspire our passion for eating well. Asparagus is so delicious, versatile, and healthful that we fall in love with it all over again each year when it comes back in season with the return of warm weather.

We could go on and on about asparagus’ virtues, but here are just a few reasons why we adore it and you might, too:

Tastes like spring.

The firm green spears emerge from the ground as the days become longer and as they grow, they seem to absorb the flavors of sunshine, gentle rains and the earth. That makes them lightly sweet and juicy, with just a faint hint of earthiness. If you want to know what spring tastes like, a fresh asparagus spear might be the best way to find out.

Unlimited enjoyment.

A cup of asparagus has just 27 calories, which come with 2.8 grams of fiber, about three grams of protein, and virtually no fats. Asparagus is a non-starchy vegetable, so you can eat as much as you want without slowing progress toward your weight loss goal.

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Fluid flushing.

Asparagine, an amino acid, is a key component of the protein in asparagus. It acts as a natural diuretic, which helps your body release excess fluids that can cause bloating. This process also helps regularly flush out sodium, a leading cause of hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Potassium power.

You get 271 milligrams of potassium in a cup of asparagus, making it a good…

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