UofL Protection and Advocacy Coalition will sue the NCAA to reinstate the victories and the championship vacated in the wake of the Katina Powell scandal.

Attorneys for the University of Louisville Athletic Association called the damage caused by former men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino “catastrophic” in seeking to dismiss the lawsuit against the organization.

ULAA’s defense team argued in a document filed Monday that the university “undeniably had just cause” to fire Pitino on Oct. 16, 2017, pointing to Pitino’s contractual terms regarding NCAA violations.

“Through this lawsuit, Pitino seeks to recover nearly $40 million while saddling the university, its student-athletes, and its fans with the devastating consequences of his own shortcomings based on the hollow claim that he did not know what was happening in his own program,” the ULAA motion read. “But Pitino’s knowledge, or alleged lack thereof, is irrelevant to this motion. Under his employment contract, ULAA had the right to terminate Pitino for ‘just cause,’ which was defined to include, among other things, the…