How to get a great patina on your iPhone X leather case

Step one: Acquire an iPhone X or similarly expensive, common phone. Note that you probably want to protect it in some way. Understand that although it feels really good without a case, it’s really better if you use one for reasons that will become clear in later steps in this guide. Besides, that camera bump really is something, isn’t it? You can accept it, but honestly, you’ll never love it. So you might as well put a case around it.

Step two: Decide on a case you’d like to use. This is the most important step. It’s also a complicated process. I wish I could recommend that you do what I did in the above video and speak with Ashley Carman about her phone case series. You see, she regularly uses cases that many (aka a repressed person like me) might consider outrageously ostentatious — cases shaped like hot dogs, stuffed bunnies, or giant cherry pom-poms. I got lots of useful tactics from our conversation, but you’ll have to settle for cribbing off my notes here:

  • In America, the trend is generally to get plain black cases, emphasizing protection.
  • That’s a shame because a case is a relatively inexpensive way to personalize your phone. Did you know that there are fashion trends in cases? There are! They are super weird and interesting, and I won’t blow up Ashley’s spot by talking about them too much here. But later on, she’ll write about it for you.
  • While you ponder phone case fashion trends, think about the objects that are on your body literally…
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