I Wore $37 Workout Pants to a Meeting—Here's What Happened

Leggings may win the popularity contest when it comes to workout clothes, and I get why. They move with you, they’re breathable, and they work for post-gym too. But one place I just can’t see myself wearing them is the office. No matter how you style a pair of leggings, I think it’s pretty much impossible to make them look polished enough for an important meeting. But recently I found a new pair of workout pants (which are only $37 by the way) that manage to work both on the job and for whatever workout class I have afterward.

So what are these magic pants I speak of? They’re JoyLab’s new wide-leg yoga pants. They’re tailored at the waist, creating a clean line that I’m used to in trousers, and the crop hits at just the right place on the ankle. But despite the fact that they look basically identical to my go-to office pants, they’re actually stretchy and comfortable, which makes them ideal for my usual yoga or Pilates class after a long day. Read on to see how I styled them for work and for a workout below!

To a meeting: Since the pants had a trouser-like feel to them, I styled them with a cinched blazer and polished sandals. The perfect combination of polished and comfortable.
These are the pants I’m relying on to take me from the office to a workout afterward. Available in sizes XS to XXL.
To workout: For an after-work Pilates class, I swapped out my blazer for a JoyLab tank and threw on my gym sneakers. In less than two minutes, I was ready to go.
This sheer top would look…
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