Instagram Model Got Bit By a Shark During Photo Shoot

Doing it for the ‘gram can have serious consequences. One Instagram model learned this the hard way while on vacation in the Bahamas—and had a shark chomp down on her arm while she was posing for photos in the water. 

It happened when 19-year-old Katarina Zarutskie waded into the ocean in an area rife with nurse sharks. As her boyfriend and his family stood on the beach, they snapped photos of Katarina, who was apparently unaware that she was about to become shark bait. The impromptu photo shoot ended when one shark swam up to her and bit her left arm.

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Zarutskie has about 30,000 followers and runs a blog called Vogue and Vegetables. She’s since made her Instagram private, so her original post is no longer visible online. According to Buzzfeed, she initially posted about her ordeal with the caption, “PSA: Sharks are cute and can nibble at times if not careful.”

In several interviews, Zarutskie talked about her shark encounter.

“A lot of locals that were just excited and encouraging me to swim with them and I saw it as another opportunity to connect with nature,” she told Good Morning America. “Next thing I…

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