Jo Swinson MP makes history after taking baby son into Commons debate

An MP who is the first to take a baby into a Commons debate has said she hopes the move will send a message of support to working mothers.

Jo Swinson, a Liberal Democrat, spoke out about the need to “modernise” parliament after making history with her son Gabriel on Thursday.

“I spoke early on in the debate,” she told BBC Good Morning Scotland.

“The convention is that you come back at the end of the debate to listen to the final speeches.

“By that time I’d had to leave the chamber, I’d had to go and feed my baby and he had then fallen asleep on me in the baby carrier.

“The options were: wake him up and hand him to somebody else for 20 minutes, or go in and sit down, do no harm, and he stayed asleep for most of it.”

Ms Swinson added: “I think it’s a step forward for modernising parliament and for sending a message that it really needs to be possible for parents to be able to combine their responsibilities for their children with their working lives, and all too often that is made too difficult.

“That won’t always mean taking your child to work, but in the case of very small babies, for people who are working at that stage then that can be just one of the ways in…

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