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I started this website with a dream: to write guidebooks for companies like Lonely Planet. It never came true though. Why? Because an even better reality took its place. Now, I write my own guidebooks!

Slowly but surely we’ve been expanding the books we’ve offered and turned out little guide into solid books that help travelers plan their dream vacations, get off the beaten path, and do so on a budget.

Today, I have some very special announcements regarding our books!

First, we finally solved one issue that has vexed us forever: maps!

Yes, all our guides now have maps! Lots and lots of maps! It’s harder than you think to find maps you can license but we finally did it earlier this year and now we have maps just like you see in all the other guidebooks you buy! It’s a big, big jump forward – and everyone here is super excited about it!

Moreover, in the new edition, you’ll get more itineraries, walking routes, and budget tips, as well as NEW additions to our things to do, where to eat and where to stay sections as well as NEW family activities and a NEW language section (we spent a lot of time working with locals to get the language text right!).

In addition to all the normal guidebook updates of prices, practicalities, etc. guidebooks have, we greatly expanded these books making them more robust and useful. They are 10x better than what we had before. (If you bought any of our guides in the past, you’ll get an update emailed to you shortly.)

All our guides are…

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