Nick Offerman & Amy Poehler’s Craft Pun-Off Is Only the Latest Funny Moment From This Duo That We Can’t Help But Love

Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler are two very funny people.

The pair has known each other since the early ’90s and although the first big project they did together wasn’t until Parks and Recreation, they now have another TV series for you to love them on.

Making It, which is a crafting competition series, premieres later this month and we are already counting down the days until we see these two back on screen together.

Over the years, Offerman and Poehler have had a tendency to make us laugh no matter what movie or TV show they’ve been a part of. Our favorite moments however, are when they team up and make us giggle the whole way through.

Ahead of the Making It premiere, the two hosts had a craft pun-off this week and we’re still laughing to ourselves just thinking about it. This funny skit got us thinking about some of their funniest times on Parks and Recreation and beyond (together of course) and now you can vote for your favorite one below!

Crafty & Punny:

In honor of their upcoming series Making It, Offerman and Poehler had a craft pun-off and we are still laughing at everything they said to one another. If you want a little teaser from it Offerman says, “Why don’t you relax and untwine” while Poehler says, “life’s a stitch and then you die.” It’s perfect.

De-programming Jeremy Jamm:

What’s better than Ron Swanson (Offerman) and Leslie Knope (Poehler) in the Parks Department on Parks and…

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