The Cellist Who Swears Curology Fixed Her Skin

Hey! My name is Kadeeja Best (@thebestofk), but my close friends call me Kat, or Kad. Right now I’m based out of Chicago and I LOVE it! I’m from Los Angeles originally. I am a classical cellist, so work for me is all about the music. I perform as a soloist with ensembles and orchestras, record for CDs and television, as well as create and record my own music videos. I also teach private lessons. One of the best parts of being a musician is that I get to spend most of my life around beautiful music, and I’m lucky enough to get to share that with the world and my community.

Interestingly enough, my line of work has been notorious for being extremely limiting in how you represent yourself on stage. Oftentimes, women are put into a box and told if we don’t look or dress a certain way, the general consumers of classical music won’t want to support you. So I’ve taken it upon myself to try and challenge that standard. I started experimenting with makeup from a young age. Maybe 11 or 12? I wasn’t actually allowed to wear makeup out until I was 16—I have one of those strict moms. But I would sneak things like eyeliner and lipstick after I left the house.

I am very much inspired by art and the design world. Particularly minimalism. There is something about the clean simplicity that is so bold to me. I am the type of person who, once I find something that works and I love, I stick to it and rarely deviate from it. With that being said, I have a few holy grail…

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