The top 5 reasons to visit Barbados

Not that it takes much convincing to visit such a fantastic island, after all the totally awesome sun, sea and sand are going to win most people over, but if you are going to head over on a bucket list type holiday, you really want to make sure you are seeing all the vital elements.  So here are the top five reasons to visit Barbados.

The rum

OK, it does have a certain Captain Jack feel about it, but to be fair, you cannot overlook the rum.  It is considered the drink of the island and distilled at varies places on the island including Mount Gay distillery.  There are plenty of rum tours and a chance to sample various varieties, so be sure to leave space for your duty-free allowance.  It may surprise you to learn that one of the most significant rum distilling sights is actually St Nicholas Abbey where you can also get some delicious food and take in the history of the island.

The beaches

We just do not get such amazing white sands and crystal blue waters in the UK.  Of course, these are further enhanced by the slightly more impressive temperatures too.  Laze or play on some of the most stunning beaches in the world.  There are actually 60 to choose from on this remarkable island, with many offering fantastic water-based sports and others geared…

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