Things We Finish: Spring 2018

When you work in beauty, a big part of the job is trying out new products, no matter if you already have your favorite face moisturizer or red lipstick. Which isn’t to say you can’t have a few standbys, but the name of the game is experimentation: You’re constantly moving from one product to the next to see what works and thus what’s important to tell the world (i.e., you) about. It’s a rare experience, then, to find yourself coaxing out the last drops from a moisturizer tube, or fumbling with a tiny stub of eyeliner. You gotta really love it. Hence this occasionally recurring feature: Things We Finish, in which we talk about the products that we spoiled beauty junkies squeeze, scrape, or shake ’til there’s nothing left. Here are the beautiful empties we’ve refilled this spring:

Finished by Samantha Wilson, Community Coordinator
“My first encounter with this brand was as a gift from my friend Maxine, who snagged me a packet of 9 masks while in Tokyo. I used one immediately that night and panicked as soon as I looked in the mirror at my impossibly plump, glowing baby skin the next morning. Naturally, I ordered a pack of 32 (!!) individual sheet masks, which I am not embarrassed to share I blew through quite quickly. Some of those 32 masking situations were me sitting vertical on airplanes, horizontal on friends couches, in the passenger seat of a car, and in my home office. Def worth the 78 cents you pay per mask. Great find, Maxine.”

Finished by Eva Alt, Social Media…

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