Who Is Katarina Zarutskie? 5 Things To Know About Shark-Bitten Model – Hollywood Life

She’s a trooper — we know that much! Katarina may have had a shark’s jaws wrapped around her wrist in the Exuma Islands, but her quick, calm response may have saved her life. Dying to know more about her? You’re in luck!

1. Katarina was bit while on vacation with her boyfriend’s family. The Insta model was traveling in the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas with her boyfriend, Nicolo, and his family when she decided to take photos with a pack of nurse sharks. Nicolo’s dad was actually taking pictures of her the moment her wrist was bitten. He captured Katarina’s attack and exit from the water.

2. There are still shark teeth in her arm. It’s clear Katarina will do anything for the ‘gram — although this may have been too much. She received stitches and antibiotics, but there are still fragments of the shark’s teeth in her arm. Yikes! An injury like that will def leave a scar, which she is worried may affect her modeling career, but the attack could have been SO much worse.

3. Her Vogue and Vegetables blog has been online since 2013. Katarina doesn’t just keep up her Instagram account for 25,000 followers — she also has been running a fashion, food and lifestyle blog since the summer of 2013. The SoCal native and Texas resident blogs about everything from her horoscope to her favorite beverage.

4. She’s headed to Miami for school. Although she hasn’t started yet, Katarina is going to go to school in Miami for a dual-degree in business and…

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